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Those who love natural materials and art have come to the right place. From cutting boards, furniture and so much more!


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Furniture Furniture in all shapes and sizes! I make furniture of all shapes and sizes, and from many types of wood. All furniture has that extra bit of creativity, making…

The buildersroom

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The diy room The place where everything come to life! This is a small overview of my DIY room. In the attic is my room where it’s a nice mess,…


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Cuttingboards At the cutting edge of art and practicality Unique and handmade Each of my cutting boards is unique and handmade. They are small works of art with a practical…

Side Projects

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Side projects The place to experiment and test Some of my works are not trays, cutting boards or furniture. These Quirks came about because I wanted to practice new techniques…

Serving trays

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Serving Trays This way the coffee/tea is presented very nicely indeed The trays are each unique and handmade. With these trays, you present the coffee and tea on a real…

Adventure with bathroom furniture

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Adventure with bathroom furniture Something new and handmade in the bathroom The beginning of the “Bathroom Project” With great pleasure I worked on the project “The Bathroom”, as probably with…

About me

My name is Hajo. For as long as I can remember, I have loved working with my hands and my head. In and around the house, I make and invent all kinds of things. From bathroom furniture to smart door closers to musical instruments. Also, in my work, I like to think in creative solutions for technical problems.

A few years ago I decided to try something new again and made my first cutting board from blocks of wood. Just because I …

  • Needed one
  • Wanted one that was “special
  • Wanted to use my imagination and creativity
  • I love working with wood

Have a look around and get inspired!

Would you also like a Cutting Board, tray or other functional wood artwork? Get in touch with me!