Serving Trays

This way the coffee/tea is presented very nicely indeed

The trays are each unique and handmade. With these trays, you present the coffee and tea on a real work of art. Each tray is unique and has its own story.

I make my trays from solid wood, are even sturdy to cut on and a feast for the eyes. All trays are oiled with quality oil, are safe to eat off of, and with a little bit of attention are scratch and moisture resistant. Should you order a tray, it comes with comprehensive care instructions – so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Many other artful trays you see offered online are made from end grain wood, because it is an easier process. However, my trays are made of “face grain wood” – this way you get a much nicer view of the wood, grain, and colour. In addition, trays made this way are more hygienic and durable.

See some examples here:

Would you also like a Cutting Board, tray or other functional wood artwork? Get in touch with me!

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